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LONG RANGE OUTLOOK from -Feb 15, 2018

Wednesday, Feb 14, 2018

LONGER RANGE: Saturday/ Sunday (17th-18th) through late next week we expect a busy pattern, with all areas of the west seeing frequent snow, some areas like Colorado should see snow every day it looks like, and with heavy snow for Colorado overall Sunday through next week, more moderate to maybe heavy for Utah and the northern Rocky Mountains (including the inland Northwest)/ Southwest Canada, and mostly light snow across Tahoe, but at least it will be snowing again. Winter is definitely coming back!

--> Late February and into March should be busy for the western US, with frequent storms for Tahoe and Utah, moving across Colorado also as the east Pacific ridge breaks down some (Feb 20th-22nd), allowing strong Pacific energy and moisture to move into the western US and southwest Canada, with abundant snowfall for all areas including those parched in recent months like in California. The busy pattern should last for roughly 2 weeks. This should have been the pattern across the western US already, if patterns were anything near "normal" so far in 2018... Do You want to see OTHER AREAS mentioned, email me and let me know... CM

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