SHORTER RANGECurrently all storm energy is being pushed to the south into southern California, with some heavy snow for the SoCal Mountains. The next shot at snow is next Thursday (17th Jan) and we expect a light initial shot of snow, including at Revelstoke Mountain Resort… Moderate to Heavy Snow with good/ plentiful moisture and dynamics moves in next Friday through Sunday (18-20th) for awesome fresh snow and cold enough air for no snow level issues, especially further inland across Kicking Horse and Revelstoke. CM

LONGER RANGE: The unsettled (snowy) period should last into the following week, mid-week probably (23rd or so), then in the last part of Jan and early February (through the 8th of Feb maybe), we start off with a snow down time under mostly high pressure ridging, though some storms may break through. Storms begin to move in again after the first week or so of February, frequently for frequent snow. CM