European Short and Extended Range Outlook
Tuesday, February 06, 2018 (Please email and let me know what you would like to see in this discussion) This forecast primarily covers the Alps (France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria) Today (Tuesday 6th) and Wednesday (7th) - A closed off low pressure system moves mainly to the south of the Alps region, with light snows for much of the Alps, heavier for the Dolomites (Italy) as there will be a nice southerly flow of cross-mountain winds for good orographics, with some nice powder coming. Thursday (8th) through Sunday (11th) - Weak storms linger nearby, with fair skies and some clouds mixed, with occasional snow showers, but not dominant. Sun mixed with occasional light snow showers looks like what we will see. Next week (after the 11th) - Colder and more progressive storms are expected, with some moderate to significant snowfalls back in the area for a while, on a frequent basis. CM