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2018-2019 Renoun Z-Line 90
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November 7, 2018 by Jonathan Ellsworth

Test Locations: Taos Ski Valley, NM; Telluride, CO

Renoun makes some pretty wild skis. Their Endurance 98 and Citadel 106 are both extremely light compared to other skis in their respective classes, and Renoun’s “Hyper Damping Technology” (aka, HDT) results in an on-snow feel that’s unlike anything we’ve ever skied before (especially for skis that are as light as the Endurance 98 and Citadel 106). For more on the origin story of Renoun and HDT, check out our podcast with Renoun founder, Cyrus Schenck.  But Renoun’s narrower shapes, the Z-Line 77 and Z-Line 90, are a bit different than the brand’s other models. And by that we mean that the Z-Line skis actually look pretty traditional on paper.  So what happens when you put HDT into a ski with a more traditional shape and construction?  We spent a lot of time on the Z-Line 90 this past season to find out exactly that. So while we put together our full review, take a look below to see where the Z-Line 90 differs — and doesn’t differ — from the other skis in its class.  What Renoun says about the Z-Line:  “Distinctive for its innovative design, the Z-Line is your performance carving ski in every condition. A stunning meld of classic architecture and modern technology brings you unparalleled stability and control. In the past, the design of an on-piste ski left it landlocked on groomers. But with HDT™ in the core, we freed it up for any slope: early morning corduroy, trees, bumps and late day crud. With the Z-Line, we’ve engineered a carving ski that hyper connects you, your skis, and the snow. Make nimble transitions and effortless turns with incredible stability no matter what the mountain throws at you. This is skiing like never before.” (more)
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