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Jae K
Reviewed July 26, 2016

Wow vertical Intense ski hill for real skiers, not good for beginners as the only green run is a connector. East coast blacks are blues here and sustained for over 5,000 feet. Seems like all the runsare steep and only difference b/n blues and blacks is the blues are more groomed - they are seemingly black runs compared to any east coast ski hill. No one here complains the lifts close early and there are not lights. You are toast after lunch with burning legs, and once you chugg a few pints, its over, take the connector green run back to the Sutton.  I wasnt there for night life so no comments on that, its pure skiing. You meet a lot of Europeans and when I was there there were many I met from Europe, and from Banff and other BC resorts. I was told a couple had flown in from Switzerland for the week and rented a villa for 100K with heli pad, I guess this place must be a bucket list type place - it sure looked like it,   I will be going back every chance I get (ie, when my buddy invites me and I have enough air miles for my flight)
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