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2018-2019 Moment Commander 98
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November 29, 2018 by Luke Koppa

First things first: for the many people who have been asking, we will soon be putting up Flash Reviews for the new Moment Commander 98 and Commander 108. Those should go live within the next week.  But before we do that, we wanted to post our measured specs, rocker pics, and initial impressions for the Commander 98, to give you an idea of why it stands out so much.   What Moment says about the Commander 98:  “Scrapping the Tahoe 96 left us with a hole in the lineup, and the Commander 98 is here to fill that void. Multi-radius sidecut, a full aspen / ash core and a directional shape laugh at speed limit signs while maintaining the ability to slash and slip through tight situations. Whether you’re straightlining chutes or arcing Super G turns while outrunning ski patrol, the Commander is here to take charge. Oh, and did we mention we added two sheets of Titanal to help you solidify your spot as the best skier on the mountain? Well, we did.” (more)
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